In the digital world, your company narrative is a critical success factor

In today’s digital world of 24/7 internet access, all your key stakeholders (customers, employees, supply chain partners and others) are constantly impacted by how other people talk about your company’s products and services and how well they meet your customers’ expectations.

In the digital world, It’s essential to free IT’s future from the pull of its past

Companies spent over $2 trillion last year on digital transformation. A recent McKinsey research study found that only 12% of companies report achieving their transformation goals over the past three years. On average 43% of the financial benefits are lost during the latter stages of large-scale transformation efforts. Most transformation efforts made some tactical improvements to IT but did little to impact critical changes to the companies’ operating or business models.

In the digital world, Success is about distinguishing between leadership & management

Almost every C-level executive I speak with tells me they are so busy running their business that they have no time to think about the best ways to grow their business. In KPMG’s Global CEO Outlook survey of 400 CEOs, 85% “admit vulnerability about the amount of time they have to spend strategizing about the forces of disruption and innovation.”

In the digital world, FOMO is not an AI strategy

A recent Salesforce State of Data and Analytics report documented that 77% of business leaders fear they are already missing out on the benefits of AI and the percentage climbs to 88% for marketing leaders.

In the digital world, it’s time to take how you spend your time seriously

A recent study from Microsoft examined the activities of millions of workers who use the company’s business applications. The data is part of their annual study of workplace-productivity trends which measure how people actually spend their workdays.

In the digital world, innovation capital is the new currency of success

Is Innovation a strategic priority or an afterthought in your company? The myriad of new disruptive digital technology innovations have raised the leadership bar for success. Companies can no longer pay lip service to innovation as an addendum to their business growth strategy if they want to compete as viable digital enterprises.

In the digital world, collaboration is a critical success factor even if it’s with your competitors

Business leaders are taught from a very early age that winning is about beating their competition and being able to sustain that competitive advantage. Strategic planning models are filled with take-no-prisoners hyperbole and a what-it-takes-to-win vocabulary.

In the digital world, decision making clarity is a mission critical success factor

The frequency and pace of change from digital disruption necessitates that companies can no longer rely on traditional planning and decision-making models. Simply put, they are too slow, too rigid, and too process driven to adapt to the new speed of business.

In the digital world, success is about being willing to explore what you don’t know

Disruptive change not only increases stress, uncertainty, and risk but it also enables individuals to retreat to what they know rather than explore what they don’t know. This is not only a death knell to successful new innovations, but it also undermines building a culture of creativity and collaboration.

In the digital world, IT leaders need to adopt a marketing mindset

How well are you marketing the technology business value story in your company? Even though we are well into the second decade of digital disruption, it’s alarming to see how many companies still struggle to tell a compelling story of how technology delivers increased competitive performance and business value.