In the digital world, it’s time to take how you spend your time seriously

A recent study from Microsoft examined the activities of millions of workers who use the company’s business applications. The data is part of their annual study of workplace-productivity trends which measure how people actually spend their workdays.

In the digital world, innovation capital is the new currency of success

Is Innovation a strategic priority or an afterthought in your company? The myriad of new disruptive digital technology innovations have raised the leadership bar for success. Companies can no longer pay lip service to innovation as an addendum to their business growth strategy if they want to compete as viable digital enterprises.

In the digital world, collaboration is a critical success factor even if it’s with your competitors

Business leaders are taught from a very early age that winning is about beating their competition and being able to sustain that competitive advantage. Strategic planning models are filled with take-no-prisoners hyperbole and a what-it-takes-to-win vocabulary.

In the digital world, decision making clarity is a mission critical success factor

The frequency and pace of change from digital disruption necessitates that companies can no longer rely on traditional planning and decision-making models. Simply put, they are too slow, too rigid, and too process driven to adapt to the new speed of business.

In the digital world, success is about being willing to explore what you don’t know

Disruptive change not only increases stress, uncertainty, and risk but it also enables individuals to retreat to what they know rather than explore what they don’t know. This is not only a death knell to successful new innovations, but it also undermines building a culture of creativity and collaboration.

In the digital world, IT leaders need to adopt a marketing mindset

How well are you marketing the technology business value story in your company? Even though we are well into the second decade of digital disruption, it’s alarming to see how many companies still struggle to tell a compelling story of how technology delivers increased competitive performance and business value.

In the digital world, IT is about growing the business not just running the business

What percent of your company’s IT budget and resources are allocated to growing the business? While we are well into the second decade of digital transformation, it is alarming to see how many companies still allocate the majority of their IT resources and budget to running their business rather than growing…

In the digital world, finding the right answers is about asking the right questions

How good is your company at asking the right questions before looking for the right answers? In his book, The Book of Beautiful Questions, author Warren Burger makes his case for the power and value of good questions. “Having strong questioning skills has always been important. But in a time of exponential change, it’s a twenty-first century survival skill.” The speed and diversity of disruptive digital technologies has proven…

In the digital world, most digital transformations are failing to reach their desired outcomes

Are your digital transformation projects stuck in neutral? In a 2022 McKinsey Global Survey of 2,190 companies in pursuit of transforming their businesses, two thirds said they were “just treading water, taking no decisive action, and consequently achieving little or no success.”

In the digital world, AI is a critical source of business value

The Digital Skills Gap: Is your talent keeping up with you technology? One of the biggest challenges leaders face from unprecedented waves of new digital technology disruption is to accurately assess what are the new and ever-changing skills and capabilities their companies need to successfully compete as a digital enterprise.