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In the digital world, It’s essential to free IT’s future from the pull of its past

Companies spent over $2 trillion last year on digital transformation. A recent McKinsey research study found that only 12% of companies report achieving their transformation goals over the past three years. On average 43% of the financial benefits are lost during the latter stages of large-scale transformation efforts. Most transformation efforts made some tactical improvements to IT but did little to impact critical changes to the companies’ operating or business models.

In the digital world, Success is about distinguishing between leadership & management

Almost every C-level executive I speak with tells me they are so busy running their business that they have no time to think about the best ways to grow their business. In KPMG’s Global CEO Outlook survey of 400 CEOs, 85% “admit vulnerability about the amount of time they have to spend strategizing about the forces of disruption and innovation.”