The current business landscape has seen unprecedented levels of disruption by new digital technologies that have forced companies to fundamentally change the way they engage with their employees, customers, supply chain partners and other key constituents. Wild Oak Enterprises through its network of experienced business strategy and IT advisors deliver a series of market tested models, tools and processes that enable our clients to effectively compete in this new age of digital disruption.

The 4 Zones Model

A framework and vocabulary to maximize the business value of IT

The 4 Zones Model provides a framework and construct to enable CIOs and their senior leadership teams to organize and prioritize the increasingly diverse and complex work of IT so it delivers maximum business value across the organization. Leveraging technology enabled innovation is emerging as the critical element of successfully competing in the age of digital disruption. See my recent blogs on this subject for specific examples of how we deploy this model.

Crossing the Chasm Workshops

Accelerating Customer Adoption & Utilization

Whether you are an early stage company trying to generate material revenues and profits or an established company trying to catch the next wave of digital disruption, we have a series of market tested workshops, models and tools to greatly enhance your chances for success. Based on Geoffrey Moore’s best-selling book, Crossing the Chasm, we have developed customized workshops to help well over 500 companies achieve or exceed their business growth goals. See our client list for specific examples of companies we’ve worked with over the past 15 years.

C-Suite Advisory Services

Helping CEOs, CIOs and other C-Suite executives succeed in the age of digital disruption

The biggest challenge facing CEOs, their C-Suite colleagues and boards of directors is how to find the right balance between sustaining the businesses they have and making the right level of investment in a new business so it will deliver material new revenues and profits. Whether fending off the competitive threats of a digital disruption or taking on the role of digital disruptor, companies across all industries can utilize our Zone to Win framework and tools to accelerate business transformation.