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In the digital world, finding the right answers is about asking the right questions

How good is your company at asking the right questions before looking for the right answers? In his book, The Book of Beautiful Questions, author Warren Burger makes his case for the power and value of good questions. “Having strong questioning skills has always been important. But in a time of exponential change, it’s a twenty-first century survival skill.” The speed and diversity of disruptive digital technologies has proven…

In the digital world, you can’t win the war for customers if you can’t win the war for talent

The Digital Skills Gap: Is your talent keeping up with you technology? One of the biggest challenges leaders face from unprecedented waves of new digital technology disruption is to accurately assess what are the new and ever-changing skills and capabilities their companies need to successfully compete as a digital enterprise.

In the digital world, success requires reducing your debt trifecta

How much are technical debt, process debt, and people debt costing your organization? CEOs and Boards are increasingly looking to digital technology as the primary source of new business growth and profitability. Increased corporate profits are directly related to a company’s ability to leverage digital capabilities and have resulted in margin and profit growth that is 2 to 3 times faster than industry averages.