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The 4 Zones Model: A Playbook for the Productivity Zone

Reversing the IT Resource Allocation Imbalance Equation For decades, senior IT leaders have confronted the financial reality that every year 80% of their IT budgets are allocated to “running the business” while 20% are allocated to “changing the business.” No one can argue how important it is for IT to make sure each company’s systems […]

THE 4 ZONES MODEL: A Playbook to Maximize the Business Value of IT

Defining the Company’s Future Enterprise IT Agenda The disruptive impact of social, mobile, analytics and the cloud is fundamentally changing the ways companies engage with their employees, customers, supply chain partners and other key stakeholders. In order for companies to remain competitively viable in the new world of digitally mediated interactions, they will need to […]

A New Playbook for Enterprise IT: A Get Out of Jail Free Card

You cannot successfully transform your company into a true digital enterprise if you keep your IT Group under house arrest. The pace and magnitude of digital transformation disruption mandates that your company must figure out how to deploy technology-enabled innovation as a critical driver of new revenues and profits. This doesn’t mean you need to […]

Why a Good IT Governance Model Is Essential to a Good Digital Transformation Process

I have previously stated that the ability of CEO’s, C-suites and Boards to transform their companies from analog to digital business models will be the defining leadership challenge of the next 10 years. When tackling a challenge of this breadth and scope, it is often difficult to gain the necessary alignment, support and commitment to […]

Technology-Enabled Innovation is the New Source of Competitive Advantage

Everywhere you look technology-enabled innovation is the driving source of new competitive advantage for companies of all sizes across all industries: From Uber redefining the taxi user experience by utilizing the GPS function on your smart phone to find you rather than you finding a cab and then billing you afterward so you don’t need […]

The Third Era of Enterprise IT: Why companies need to develop a new resource allocation strategy and game plan

The last 10 years have seen the emergence of consumer IT and its impact on how companies need to fundamentally change the way they engage with their employees, customers, supply chain partners and other key stakeholders. Driven by the oft-used acronym SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud), these new models and tools are ushering in […]

The Role of IT in Big Data & Analytics: Myths, Realities & Practicalities

By: Peter D. Moore President Wild Oak Enterprises, LLC There has long been a challenging relationship between IT and its key internal line of business partners and other key stakeholders. Everywhere you look today someone is trying to undermine the CIO and the role and value of corporate IT: Shadow IT, technology purchases that bypass […]