Welcome to my One Step Ahead Blog

I will use this blog to periodically share with you my insights and thoughts on emerging issues and challenges that will confront established businesses in what for many is an unprecedented period of time. I will from time to time also include other people’s ideas and insights as I don’t begin to pretend to be all seeing and all knowing. The blog will address a wide range of issues including:

  • How companies can find the right balance point between funding their current businesses and making asymmetrical investments in next generation businesses.
  • What is the unique work of the CEO?
  • Why being able to distinguish between what’s important and what’s urgent is the single greatest predicator of CEO success.
  • The distinction between leadership and management and why making asymmetrical bets is the only way to deliver material new revenue and profits from next generation businesses.
  • Leadership 3.0 – what if everything you were taught about creating and sustaining competitive advantage is no longer true?
  • The Ugly Truth – 90% of all corporate wounds are self-inflicted.
  • How to create true alignment between the C-Suite and the Board of Directors on a company’s business growth strategy.
  • The power of full engagement and how to achieve  it in your business and personal life at the same time.

As I am a great believer in interactive dialogue, I will look forward to reading your comments and contributions to the blog whether they agree with or challenge mine.

Peter Moore

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