In the new digital world, barriers to entry no longer exist

Until very recently, most leaders of established businesses believed that the key to creating sustainable competitive advantage was erecting large barriers to entry through scaling the size and market reach of their companies. The reason this approach was successful was the high costs incurred to: Build product development and manufacturing capabilities Create sales, marketing and […]

Using the 4 Zone Model to Build an IT Investment Portfolio

“How much value is IT adding to the business?”             This is the one question that most CIOs I talk with struggle to answer. For many organizations, IT’s value is only measured by its ability to reduce costs and optimize the capital expense depreciation of large hardware and software licenses. […]

Implementing the 4 Zone Model Playbook

From Strategy to Implementation: Common Drivers & Expected Outcomes Like any new strategic framework and set of tools and processes, the 4 Zone Model’s value can only be realized through implementation and execution. I have outlined below how some early adopters of the model have deployed different elements of the playbook to address critical issues […]

The 4 Zones Model: A Playbook for the Incubation Zone

Companies have no choice but to up their technology enabled innovation game According to a recent McKinsey study, more than 60% of CEOs expect up to 50% of their earnings growth in the next 5 years to come from “technology-enabled” business innovations. A recent study of CIOs by IDC found that 57% expect to be […]

The 4 Zones Model: A Playbook for the Performance Zone

The CIO is not a “Device Santa Claus” My good friend and technology futurist, Thornton May, clearly defined the CIO’s role when he said “…the role of the CIO is not to be a ‘Device Santa Claus’ but, rather, to craft an environment which empowers executives to create competitive advantage vis-à-vis the innovative and informed […]

The 4 Zones Model: A Playbook for the Productivity Zone

Reversing the IT Resource Allocation Imbalance Equation For decades, senior IT leaders have confronted the financial reality that every year 80% of their IT budgets are allocated to “running the business” while 20% are allocated to “changing the business.” No one can argue how important it is for IT to make sure each company’s systems […]

THE 4 ZONES MODEL: A Playbook to Maximize the Business Value of IT

Defining the Company’s Future Enterprise IT Agenda The disruptive impact of social, mobile, analytics and the cloud is fundamentally changing the ways companies engage with their employees, customers, supply chain partners and other key stakeholders. In order for companies to remain competitively viable in the new world of digitally mediated interactions, they will need to […]

A New Playbook for Enterprise IT: A Get Out of Jail Free Card

You cannot successfully transform your company into a true digital enterprise if you keep your IT Group under house arrest. The pace and magnitude of digital transformation disruption mandates that your company must figure out how to deploy technology-enabled innovation as a critical driver of new revenues and profits. This doesn’t mean you need to […]

Unlocking trapped value to fund critical new IT investments

One of the resounding truths of the past few years is that more and more companies are tightening their IT purse strings and mandating that CIOs and their teams better optimize the costs and returns on the company’s technology spend. Some of this belt tightening is understandable as 80% of most corporate IT budgets are […]

Why a Good IT Governance Model Is Essential to a Good Digital Transformation Process

I have previously stated that the ability of CEO’s, C-suites and Boards to transform their companies from analog to digital business models will be the defining leadership challenge of the next 10 years. When tackling a challenge of this breadth and scope, it is often difficult to gain the necessary alignment, support and commitment to […]